Carmworks is a handmade design studio based in Colombia, crafting objects that can influence the attention to appreciate three simple universal realities; nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.  

From the self aware treatment of the wood; looking to concrete a narrative between people and the objects, by highlighting the process and the innate features of the material, a story that can be traced on all the information the piece embodies.

A stablished language made by nature; the mountains, the waterfalls, the threes, the mist, this events emerges in a language that is embraced as the soul of the pieces. A reverence to the wood to be a living source for been transformed.

In a reality pulled by the digitalization of the sensory experience, is the opportunity for new multi sensory manifestations with the capacity to transcend into a perdure memory, by evidencing the appreciation of the process and the gestures that natures remains. 

CarmWorks embrace heritage; by the respectful adoption of Colombian crafts, not to merely be a technique to be borrowed, but instead recognizing the knowledge of how our ancestors interpreted the Universe, featured in the symbology of our fabrics.    

Committed to elaborate relevant pieces; establishing a dialogue within the awareness of everything is in constant change, where nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.

CarmWorks creates handmade woodworking furniture influenced by the observation in nature and the constant change of things throughout the time, with the capacity to inspire three simple realities: nothing last, nothing is completed and nothing is perfect.