That’s looking but not observing, not engaging with what’s happening, rejecting the present moment, the willing of surrender to an experience that praise to find a meaning in a such genuine curiosity.

We will give entry to a soft but deeper communication with the event, a process of engagement; slowing down in time, giving the chance to other meanings emerge, a reflection between the moment and how we can introduce ourselves to not looking, but truly have an act of observation.

Where the mind can rest and give this chance to have space to details that wasn’t able to recognise at a superficial scan; by doing this, we can stablish a relation that let us act in a real contemplation.

Just as the breeze touching our ears making them cold, the sound dripping the leaves in the rain, observing and feeling textures on different surfaces, the softness shade covering partly giving this mysterious touch to be uncover, aware of the moment, aware of the precise present. 

Events that might happen at one single time not able to return, impermanent of what we are attending, this can embodies a melancholy for the ephemeral, and at the same time staying there to be discovered.

Inside this observation we might find imperfections that can challenge our aesthetics judgments of what most be and should be; but by accepting the imperfections we can find a paused an deeper meaning so related on how the truly nature of life is.

Our task is to observe without forcing, with any predetermined thinking or goal intended, to leave behind preconceptions of reasoning and able to embrace what we are experience, giving the chance for ambiguity to praise.

CarmWorks creates handmade furniture influenced by the observation in nature & inspired by three simple realities: nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.