logotype of Tarwa bench
furniture bench made in wood

Largas vidas siguen
Velando el sueño de un volcán
Para un alma eterna
Cada piedra es un altar.


The sense of exploration, amazed by finding vestiges of lost times, and there, standing in front, the remains of structures, temples, sites, artefacts, carving in stone. And Nature; taking, devouring, claiming, moulding the surround, without any reverence to what was created before.

Here is where Tarwa exists, a bench created with a dreamlike emotion, borrowing those sharp and define edges found in Monoliths across the globe, structures trapped in mystery, silent witnesses of change and decay.

furniture bench made in wood

In that dream I walked through the woods, to get found by this place, not knowing who or how was made it, and there, standing on its own, I saw TARWA.

furniture bench made in wood

Earthy tones communicate the direct reference to stoneware, as an old artifact, a crafted piece from ancient times, those are analogies that with color, look to be suggested.

furniture bench made in wood

CarmWorks creates handmade furniture influenced by the observation in nature & inspired by three simple realities: nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.