That’s looking but not observing, not engaging with what’s happening, rejecting the present moment, the willing of surrender to an experience that praise to find a meaning in a such genuine curiosity. We will give entry to a soft but deeper communication with the event, a process of engagement; slowing down in time, giving the […]

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for the creating process, how we absorb the presence of the piece is imperative for me, how we can feel textures, the grain of the wood furrowing the fingertips, walking the eye to observing the veins and consequently the spectrum of smells that is permitted to absorb within the lacquers of the object. Possibilities to […]

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  CarmWorks is a Colombian design furniture studio focused on handmade woodworking pieces, committed to craft elements who can pleased the senses by the attentive observation of the gestures that nature leaves into the object, tones and finishes on change throughout the time, a reminder of our impermanence and constant change into the world. This […]

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