The conversation between fire & wood: an event of energy and decay I’m interested to be responsible for an event, where change is the main driver. As soon as the wood gets in contact with fire, the material tries to escape from the heat, is where the cracks start to appear, a confrontation on how […]

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Coba Stool

The pursuing of simplicity by simple gestures, Coba is a meditation stool, with the expressiveness of been use as a tool to exercise the space between the body and the mind. A posture that invites to humbleness, by using the knees in contact to the ground, and helping the back to be straight; the stool […]

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The side table Malick, an interpretation of structure, balance, and rhythm; focusing on the intricacies of weight by considering a well-established aspect of geometries not only followed by function but also a good response in the visual naturalness of the piece. CarmWorks creates handmade furniture influenced by the observation in nature & inspired by three […]

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When we see patterns, we are looking at them but not observing them, not engaging directly with what is happening, but we are trying to find some sort of link or meaning with genuine curiosity.  We therefore become part of a process of engagement: a slowing down in time, giving the chance for other meanings […]

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for the creating process, how we absorb the presence of the piece is imperative for me, how we can feel textures, the grain of the wood furrowing the fingertips, walking the eye to observing the veins and consequently the spectrum of smells that is permitted to absorb within the lacquers of the object. Possibilities to […]

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  CarmWorks is a Colombian design furniture studio focused on handmade woodworking pieces, committed to craft elements which can please the senses by the attentive observation of the gestures that nature gives to the object. The tones and finishes on change as time passes, a reminder of our impermanence and constant change into the world. […]

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Carmworks is a handmade design studio based in Colombia, crafting objects that can encourage individuals to appreciate three simple universal realities: nothing lasts, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.   From the self-aware treatment of the wood; looking to connect a narrative between people and the objects, by highlighting the process and the innate […]

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