The conversation between fire & wood: an event of energy and decay

Bowls burn CarmWorks Yakisugi

I’m interested to be responsible for an event, where change is the main driver. As soon as the wood gets in contact with fire, the material tries to escape from the heat, is where the cracks start to appear, a confrontation on how the wood fights for not disappear, for not getting into ashes.

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The side table Malick, an interpretation of structure, balance, and rhythm; focusing on the intricacies of weight by considering a well-established aspect of geometries not only followed by function but also a good response in the visual naturalness of the piece.

Malick Table by CarmWorks Colombia
carmworks furniture
Malick Table by CarmWorks Colombia

CarmWorks creates handmade furniture influenced by the observation in nature & inspired by three simple realities: nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.