carmworks handmade stools colombia

Crafting a piece refers on crafting a message, it goes beyond of merely create furniture with functions of seating, storage or exhibit; those are intrinsic characteristics serving as a vehicle that invites for attention to deeper meanings, the challenge is to balance design; which contains aspects of shape, process, function and relevance with the radiance for values of imperfection, incompleteness and timelessness. The willing on connected this precepts, resides on the opportunity to transmit values of contemplation, for getting absorbed on the decorum of new meanings, where is possible to shift the admiration to those glances of details where the wood speaks by itself, a such harmonic dialog between the technique, the material and artisan.

The straight edges, the defined angles, the fluidity on the lecture; a well defined language influenced by nature and Colombian crafts; themes and concepts blending into the subconscious and then responding to a shape with the capacity to contain myriad of values, encouraging to become an active element of conversation between the object and the viewer, where is not something that needs to be explained but experienced.

By the recognition of the wood as a living being; the awareness of how the material is able to be transformed in a myriad of shapes with the intervention of the craftsman, we surrender in a state of attention, a place where the mind can rest in a wonderment state of contemplation.

This traces; along with the pursuing of the artisan, to translate a intangible into a candor respond, creating an object with an innate narrative which can bespeaks about the process and techniques that exists embodied into the piece.

CarmWorks creates handmade furniture influenced by the observation in nature & inspired by three simple realities: nothing last, nothing is complete and nothing is perfect.